OGMO Editor version 3.4.0 Released!

The latest release of the Community Edition OGMO Editor is finally out, just in time to cap off this whirlwind of a year! This release is full of new features, bug fixes, and QOL updates from a range of contributors. We'd like to thank them all for their help,  along with a special shout out to Ohmnivore due to the sheer amount they've put into this release!

Hope you all have a Happy New Year :)

Full changelog: 

  • General - Add support for saving levels as PNGs
  • General - Enable cut/copy/paste from text fields
  • General - Adds Filepath property type
  • General - Adds About and Controls Popups to Help menu
  • General - Add Toggle Full Screen button to View menu
  • General - Improve formatting of warnings in Popups
  • General - Fix Radian/Degree dropdown in Project Settings now works correctly
  • General - Fix Default Level values not getting saved
  • General - Fix oddities with editing Project when there are no Levels in the Project
  • General - Fix occasional issues with closing the App
  • Entity Layer - Node Tool Improvements
  • Entity Layer - Add property display support
  • Entity Layer - Adds right-click menu options for deleting Entity Preview Images
  • Entity Layer - Entity ID now viewable in inspector
  • Entity Layer - Fix height value getting overwritten by width value
  • Entity Layer - Fix error caused by undo/redo shenanigans
  • Tile Layer - Add support for flipped/rotated Tiles
  • Tile Layer - Add support for Tileset margins
  • Tile Layer - Fix Tile Palette occasionally starting blank
  • Decal Layer - Allow Origin to be set
  • Decal Layer - Fix hover outlines
  • Decal Layer - Fix serialization
  • Decal Layer - Fix Decal origin changing after undo/redo
  • Entity/Decal Layers - Fix inspector overflow scrollbar
  • And many more!


Ogmo Editor.app.zip 52 MB
Dec 31, 2020
Ogmo Editor.zip 56 MB
Dec 31, 2020
Ogmo Editor (amd64).zip 73 MB
Dec 31, 2020

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Hi, nice tool

For some reason my Itch.io application (the official client application of Itch.io) does not pick up that there is a new update for this tool for some reason